The Truth

You like your vaping experience. Whether it’s big clouds or delicious flavors, it’s a part of your daily routine. But there’s one thing missing from the whole package, one aspect that nobody has been able to provide. Style. A feeling of total luxury that accompanies the billowing clouds and sweet flavors.

At Vesper, we’re committed to changing your vaping experience from “like” to “love.” Our founders, Paul Pierce and Elliot Mermel, wanted to create a tangible sense of luxury. That’s why, with more that fifty years of combined experience, we developed Vesper One. At the size of a credit card, but possessing satisfying weight, Vesper is a revolutionary vape that’s a union of endless innovation and high-grade design; a blend of impeccable beauty with superior technology.

We wanted each customer to hold their Vesper One in their hands and feel a sense of luxury that’s found nowhere else. But we also wanted to ensure functionality, and Vesper One has three times the battery capacity of the competition. Worried about breaking it? Don’t be, because Vesper One can survive being run over by a car or being dropped from a two-story building, and still perform when you need it.

With three elegant exterior designs, intuitive flexibility, and a pod adapter that allows you to use our battery with any 510 cartridge, and we think you’ll never look back.