CBD Guide: Sleep

Insomnia is one of the top three issues customers come to us with, right behind pain and anxiety. CBD can be a great solution for sleep issues, so we hope that this guide can help you find the products that best fit your needs.

Do you have any products that are specifically for sleep?
Yes, however, they all have one thing in common: Melatonin. Many people who struggle with sleep are very familiar with the natural sleep supplement, and if they've come to us, they usually report that it is either ineffective or directly hinders their ability to sleep. In many cases, pairing CBD with melatonin can increase its effectiveness, making it a very viable option for people who haven't had good experiences with melatonin in the past. However, people who dislike the effects of melatonin still have plenty of options with CBD.

If you are interested in our melatonin sleep products, check out these gummies from Hemp Bombs, which are available in 5 or 25 packs, or the longer-term MedTerra sleep tablets, which are designed to be cut in half to last up to 2 months!

I don't like Melatonin. What can regular CBD do for me?
Many people have had great luck using regular CBD for sleep issues. This can take the form of oils, pillsgummies, or vaping, all of which can be effective options. An oil, or tincture, is going to be taken under the tongue, which will help it absorb quickly into your system and last between 5-7 hours. Pills and gummies will be slightly more expensive over the long term and will take a longer time to work, closer to an hour or so, but will still last 5-8 hours. Vaping can help for fast relief, especially from waking up in the night, but will leave the system within 1-2 hours.

CBD primarily helps lower anxiety and get rid of racing thoughts that can keep you awake, and it can help you stay asleep through the night. It works differently from most sleep medications because instead of attempting to knock you into sleep, which can leave you feeling groggy the next morning or just plain not work, it addresses the root anxieties and restlessness that keep you awake.

Will plain CBD make me tired during the day?
CBD in appropriate amounts should not make you drowsy. Sometimes, if you take more than you need, you may feel a bit tired, but this is usually more of an antihistamine-level tired, as opposed to a sleeping medication knockout.

Do I have to take CBD every night? Is it habit-forming?
No and nope! CBD can be taken on an as-needed basis.

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