CBD Guide: Pain & Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are easily among the most common that customers seek CBD for. The nature of pain and the CBD required to help can change from person to person, so hopefully this guide can help you find the best fit for your needs.

Should I use a cream or ingest the CBD?
This is the most common question people ask when it comes to pain management and inflammation, and the answer isn't always simple. In general, a cream is going to work best for surface-level pain, while ingesting an oil or capsule is going to be most effective for deep muscle or bone pain and most inflammation. A cream can also be best when the issue is confined to a small area, such as arthritis in the hands, while an oil or capsule is usually better for larger areas like back pain or deep injuries. In some cases, using both a cream and an oil together can be the most effective solution.

What does "full spectrum" mean? Is this more effective?
Due to new Kansas laws, we can now sell full-spectrum CBD products. In short, these contain micro-doses of THC - not enough to give you any mental impairment, but enough to potentially have a greater effect, or what's called the "entourage effect" by professionals. Although this is not entirely backed by scientific studies, there is a general consensus among patients that taking full-spectrum products can be more effective for pain management. However, there are still many people who prefer CBD with no THC whatsoever, which is why we make both options available. It is important to note that taking any full-spectrum product will still result in a failed drug test, so it's best to be cautious when using these products.

Does worse pain mean a higher dose of CBD?
In some cases, yes, more intense pain may warrant a higher dose. While most people treating chronic pain may sit around 25mg per dose, more serious ailments can sometimes warrant as much as 50mg or higher. Ultimately, the only wrong dose is one that is too low and therefore ineffective, and this number may be different for everyone.

Will I feel effects immediately or over time?
Potentially, and hopefully, both. While CBD can be most effective once its built up in the system, usually after a week or so, you should still feel some effects from the beginning. It is usually recommended to try your starting dose (typically 10mg or so) for a few days to see if it is more effective over time. However, when it comes to pain, we know that waiting is not always an option. If you need same-day relief, it is okay to increase your dosage until you feel the effects that you need.

Will this interfere with my other medications?
Although it's always good to consult with your doctor about trying something new, CBD is extremely low risk when it comes to medication interference. Any medication processed through the liver has potential to interact, and in some cases, the CBD can make other medications marginally more efficient and therefore effective, which may require a change in dosing. The only medications that we tend to watch are blood thinners, but as in every case, your doctor will have the best recommendations for you.

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